Do You Need a Primer Before Painting? It Depends!

High-quality paints are better than ever. Formulas are healthier than ever for air quality, provide better surface coverage, and the colors are more saturated. So does this mean you (or us) can skip using a primer when painting? The answer is: it depends on the project. The Role of a Primer: Primers contain a higher concentration of solids and an adhesive binder to seal the surface and provide a smoother area for paint to adhere. You can think of it as a first or under-layer

Touching History by Painting Robert E. Lee’s Childhood Home

Touching History by Painting Robert E. Lee’s Childhood Home

We touched history this summer! This past June, we painted some exterior areas of Robert E. Lee’s childhood home in Old Town Alexandria. The extraordinary red-brick home, constructed in 1795, is a registered Virginia landmark listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Some of the most famous figures of the last centuries, including George Washington and the Marquis de Lafayette, have stayed or dined here. It is a private home these days, and the current owners hired us to do some exterior repainting.The Federal-style

Stucco Installers

Stucco installers play a significant role in the beautification of homes, both inside and out. Whether you are buying a new house or preparing to sell your existing home, this aspect is crucial. Your house deserves to be admired from top to bottom, and this can only be realized through stucco repairs. If you are wondering how to identify a good stucco contractor, below are a few guidelines that you should consider. One of the most important aspects of stucco installation is their workmanship. There

How Much Do House Painters Charge?

“How much do house painters charge?” is a common question among homeowners and apartment dwellers. They wonder if they can find the best painters at the lowest prices possible or if they will have to compromise quality to get a cheaper quote. The truth is that, while a low price may seem appealing at first glance, you should not sacrifice quality for a low price. To know how much painters charge, it is necessary to know their rates and how they go about charging their